~Admins of FBM~


Rose Imperial of www.theimperialsindubai.com
  • FBM is a group of bloggers that share the same goal and the same passion. This site is a one-stop shop for people who loves to read like me. It’s always fun and inspiring to be part of a group that helps and encourages each other out. Every one of us wants to connect and inspire people who are just like us, going through the same struggles and challenges in life by sharing and posting our stories.
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Maria Victoria Galang Dela Cruz of theadventuresofmisschuchubells.blogspot.sg/
  • FBM is a family, we give each other support in any way that we could. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran blogger. FBM is here to inspire and help all the Filipino bloggers worldwide and their readers with a support group that has their best intention in mind. I am still a struggling blogger, FBM has supported me in honing my skills not only as a writer but also as a graphic designer. My advice to newbie bloggers, be YOU! Blog something that you love and passionate about and the rest will come in place.
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Michelle Roldan of www.hitsandmrsph.com
  • Why FBM?  – I joined FBM because I like its purpose: to connect with fellow bloggers and form meaningful relationships, learning from each other and helping one another grow as a blogger.
    What makes FBM different? – FBM goes beyond mere page likes. It encourages its members to share and connect with other bloggers.
    How does it help bloggers and readers? – FBM supports bloggers who are seeking deeper connections with people who love the same thing: blogging. Nowadays, it’s easy to garner likes and follows but that’s only on a superficial level. With FBM, members interact not only through blogging but also with chats and PMs, and it helps bloggers learn from one another.
    Readers will find FBM interesting, that even if its members write about different topics, we are a group that are dedicated to pursue our blogging goals.
    Advice to bloggers? – Continue to write and blog, do it the best way you know how. Eventually, windows of opportunity will open for you.
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Joel Andrada of www.theskincareaddict.com
  • Why FBM? – FBM is FUN, BOLD and MOTIVATING. These are the three main reasons why I joined this group
    1. FUN- There is no better way to doing what I love and that is blogging and vlogging than doing it with people who share the same passion.
    2. BOLD- Everyone in FBM is BOLD enough to speak up and be themselves. This is evident in the quality of work the members publish in their blogs and vlogs. 
    3. MOTIVATING- I have not seen any group as motivating as FBM. Members are genuinely helpful.
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Kedz Drake Katsunaga – Dayondon of www.pinkflushedcheeks.com
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 Jose Luis G. Nava of Joel the Explorer
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JD Obedoza of www.goinspire.me
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